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International base jumping event at KL Tower attracts a lot of spectators

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International base jumping event at KL Tower attracts a lot of spectators

ABUNCH of thrill seekers comprising professional base jumpers gathered last weekend for the annual KL Tower International lump Malaysia (KLITJM) 2008. The

view from the open deck area of the 421m high KL Towers was mind-blowing and definitely not for the fainthearted.

Apart from the base jumpers, the event attracted a fair number of visitors mostly tourists who couldn't wait to witness the jumpers leaping off the tower from the deck.

It is a chance for visitorsto get a better view and see some of the prominent buildings from atop," said Menara Kuala Lumpur media relations executive Eliey Sahad.

Eliey added that each visitor had to be fitted with a harness with a rope attached to it and clipped along the railings of the deck for security and safety.

They had to pay a fee of RM50 per person and was allowed to be in the deck area for 40 minutes.

The KL Tower International Jump Malaysia circuits kicked off at Menara Pelita in Kuching on Aug 3, before moving onto other towers in Sarawak, Sabah, Kedah and Penang with KL Tower and Menara TM as the finale spots.

The annual event held in conjunc-attracted about 450 base jumpers.

For fans, besides having their heads glued skywards to watch the spectacUlar view of coloufful parachutes against the background of blue skies, interesting ground events were also made available,

The KLTIJM 2008 also organised a mini-concert featuring popular groups such as OAG, Dead Mushroom, Bittersweet, Stone Garden, Couple, Bunkface, Skudap Skudip and other local Indie band.

Tug-O-War, Funtastic Explorace and Street Soccer competitions, a Senamrobik session, interactive martial arts demonstration and children colouring contest were among the other activities at the ground level.

The picture has won a few awards and competitions since it was taken at the end of last year," she said.

She continued with her feat in Hong Kong, Boracay Island in the Philippines and the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Hathour Bridge proved a fantastic backdrop for Stoneham's final conquest.

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