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Ace your job interview in Malaysia

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Capture the interviewer's attention,leave a good impression and get the job you desire

  BEING an interviewer is a tiring and stressful job -- the more prestigious the position and the organisation, the greater
is the response. The interviewer has to sieve through all the applications to shortlist possible candidates, and finally select only one person.

  If you have been selected to attend an interview, how do you make the most of your one chance to impress your interviewer?

  Choose the right attire
Dress smartly for every interview,Remember you are up against many people for the job, and if your appearance is not up to the interviewer's expectations, it will be a mark against you.
  Men should wear a plain longsleeved shirt, preferably in white (and a suit for managedal positions), a tie (strictly no cartoons or sexy designs) and well-polished shoes, Hair should be well-groomed and fingernails short and clean.
  Women should wear a shirt-dress, skirt suit or jacket and tailored pants, minimal jewellery and make-up. Hair should be neat- invest in a good cut - and should not fall over the eyebrows or eyes.Avoid low-cut blouses and strong perfume.

  Work on your voice
  Greet the interviewer in a confident voice and wait for him to ask you to sit down.
  Many interviewers rate candidates by the way they speak, so work on your voice by bringing down the pitch and putting warmth into your tone.
  Train your voice by doing reading exercises for t5 to 30 minutes daily. Practise reading aloud or pretend to be a newsreader. Project your voice and modulate the volume and pitch.

  Gather your thoughts
  The first few seconds are vital to have a positive impact on your interviewer. After exchanging pleasantries, initiate small talk -for example, you could ask about an interesting tie or piece of jewellery your interviewer is wearing.
  Let the interviewer control the conversation - he may want to keep small talk to a minimum and get down to business.
  Don't be in a hurry to answer his questions, You are not judged on how fast you answer, but how well you answer, and more importantly, the way you answer questions.
  Take a momeht to pause and think carefully about your response, it will be to your advantage if you can state how you can
benefit your prospective organisalion and not how it can benefit you.
  Maintain eye contact
Look at the interviewer directly, but don!t stare. Don't look down as it might mean you don't see eye to eye with him or you have something to hide. Also avoid looking away from him as you will look lost in your own thoughts, or worse, uninterested in what he is saying.
  Put your folder and pen in your briefcase or handbag, and use your hands and fingers to gesture and reinforce your words.
  Get to the point
  Answer questions with energy and enthusiasm, but don't go on and on. Be focused, attentive and concentrate on the meeting. When a question consists of two parts, state that you will reply both queries separately.
  Be courteous
  When the interviewer offers a compliment, thank him, smile and say that you hope it is what the interviewer is looking for,
  When offered a drink, always accept, Ask for a hot rather than cold drink as it takes a longer time to drink it - and you get to stay longer, Never leave the spoon in the cup, and toast your interviewer before you drink to show your respect, Thank the person serving you the drink.

  Think positive
  Always use positive words like "when I get the job", not "if I get the job". Complaining about your current employer or colleagues will not impress the interviewer. In fact, he is likely to mistrust you,
  Focus instead on how impressed you are by the organisation you want to join, their products and services. Avoid giving reasons why you want to leave your present job unless the interviewer specifically asks you.
  If you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to take the interview in your stride and increase your chances of clinching the job.
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