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Fashion followers can flaunt their green credentials wearing

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Natural man

Fashion followers can flaunt their green credentials wearing eco-friendly French Linen from East India Company's summer collection.

These include daily efforts such as cutting back on petrol usage, saving on electricity,

re-cycling used and waste products and even wearing your allegiance to the green move-

ment, so to speak.

Natural fabrics are the eco-warrior's fashion armour in the global Love Earth campaign. French linen is one of the prestigious staples in environment-friendly fashion, and the signature fabric of East India Company's summer collection for men.

The fabric's inherent properties, and its manufacture, are less harmful to the environment, explains an EIC spokesman, since cultivation of the raw flax requires little fertiliser or pesticide and can be easily included into modern crop rotation cycles.

Linen is also biodegradable, with qualities that make it a heaven-sent for Malaysia's

enervating weather: dust-repellent, skinfriendly, UV ray-resistant and even, it is claimed, an ability to lower muscle tensions!

The raw sophistication of French linen makes it the ideal fabric for the EIC collection

inspired by African landscapes and cultures.

The unspoilt beauty of Africa is channelled through warm neutrals, khaki and tobacco in ikat print shirts and washed linen trousers.

Ethnic embroidery motifs also enhance the look of African primitivism. For the fashion

follower who believes in comfort and political correctness, French linen ticks all the right boxes.

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