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Planning a party is not brain surgery but some thought needs to go into the deta

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Party plans

Planning a party is not brain surgery but some thought needs to go into the details.
     P ARTIES are celebrated with one objective: to have fun[ Organising a celebration can be fun and easy. However, such gatherings should not be over planned and there should be room for spontaneity.

  Planning the event

  Here are some tips:
Make a party plan and stick to it. Clean up your venue, plan the menu and shop for all the essentials at least three days beforehand.

Dishes can be prepared on the eve of  the big day and all you have to do on the day itself is to give the place a check and set the food and drinks.

Make sure your guest list is clear, Are children invited? Are guests allowed to bring friends? Being vague makes it easy for the crowd to get out of hand.

Plan the right amount of food. For instance, a cocktail should have about 10-15 appetisers per guest, while for a large dinner gathering you can allocate 3-5 appetisers per person.
  * Don't pick a date or time that is likely to clash with other events or when people may have already left for their holiday break.

Get help. It is not only fun to have friends help you nut, they may remember tasks or items you may overlook. Also, you won't have to run      yourself ragged the whole night.

  Party prelmratton

Create space and move all furniture away to create a common gathering area. Put away breakables.

Think of clever ways to use everyday household items, like a basket to hold crackers, or a vase for breadsticks,

Set up a pleasant atmosphere with warm, dim lighting,

Plan separate food for children like pizzas or chicken nuggets,

Be prepared in case it rains or is extremely hot. Prepare umbrellas or a canopy shelter,

Plan for indoor activities or space for inclement weather and as an alternative, plan games in case the party is    brought indoors and have plenty of CDs if the party turns into a karaoke event.

Don't forget to have insect repellents and candles handy.

For the decor, small, inexpensive touches can add colour and ambience to any setting, Adorn the party venue with candles, funky napkins, ornaments and interesting centrepieces.

Add seasonal silk flowers and decorative bows to your plants. Baskets filled with ball ornaments add a festive look to any table.

Let's get this party started!

Kick off the party with some background music as it can create the mood,

Have themes and games and this can be done by introducing games like Mind-teaser games, Taboo, Movie Trivia, "l-have-never", card games, anagram challenge and let your guests get into the groove naturally.

Keep your glass in your left hand so as to keep the right one free to shake hands.

If your guests bring food, you don't have  to feel obligated to serve it if the food does not fit your menu,

Don't serve everything yourself as you will tire yourself out and will not be able to enjoy the party.

Try as much as possible to have the drinks self-served and serve food that  can be placed on the table for guests to help themselves.

Keep conversations clear of controversial topics like politics or religion and keep all conversations positive and upbeat.
If a guest makes a mess or spills some drink, don't overreact, Wipe up the spill  then get back to the party, You can zap the stain later.

When it's over

Thank your guests for coming.

Share happy moments of your party and use an instant camera to snap some photographs. Consider purchasing photo holders or inexpensive frames as take-  home gifts. A simple thank-you note along with the photographs will also speak volumes for your hospitality.

Cleaning up should not be a worry. During the party, spend time with your guests and have a good time,

Remember that enjoying a party is more important and to do this, you must plan  for a successful event.
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