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Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

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FMM Northern Branch is centrally located and easily accessible to the public. The centre is strategically located on a one acre land at the interchange between the North-South Highway and the proposed East-West Highway.

The Branch is currently servicing over 300 member companies. The centre proper itself has a built-up area of 15,839 sq ft and houses the following facilities:

  1. The FMM Institute
    1. Five equipped training rooms
    2. A computer laboratory
    3. An electronics laboratory

    The training facilities would also be available for rental to member companies to conduct their own training programmes.

  2. A Resource Centre which would be equipped with facilities and reference materials to assist SMIs in business matching activities, consultancy and management services.

  3. Meeting rooms, which can be used by member companies for the myriad networking activities organised by the Branch, be it amongst member companies or between member companies and representatives from the various government agencies.

  4. A large hall/display area for use in small scale trade promotion activities and product displays.

Services Offered by FMM and the Benefits of Membership

Since July 2, 1968, FMM has been working alongside the Malaysian manufacturing sector as its representative voice for over 36 years. Committed to quality and service excellence, FMM is an ISO9001:2000 certified company limited by guarantee. Led by captains of industry at Council, State Branches, issues-oriented Working Committees and Industry Groups, FMM represents the manufacturing sector at international, regional, national, state, local authorities and industry sub-sector levels. FMM offers a wide range of services and activities to facilitate business operations.

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